Our pricing structure is quite simple. You can choose either option when you activate the SIM card.

Pay as you go
  • Use internet only when needed and pay only for the traffic you used
  • Traffic volume
  • Valid for 24 hours
€ 0.029/MB*
Very Big Data
  • Go on a long trip or make a few trips during one month
  • Traffic volume 2.5GB Europe or 2GB Anywhere
  • Valid for 30 days

Free Chat:

Unlimited text messages & emoji. Be in touch with your family, friends and business partners from everywhere.

  • Automatically activated for 30 days with SIM card activation
  • Extended for 90 days with every balance top-up
  • Does not require tariff plan activation
  • Work with zero balance

Messengers supported:


Attention: PIECE SIM card does not have associated phone number and cannot be used for registration with some messages. User account for these messages must be registered to the valid mobile phone number in advance.

You can send unlimited text messages and emoji. To send video and make voice calls, you can top up your balance and activate a data package.

* Prices do not include any taxes and fees

Note for EU residents: From the beginning of January 2015 you’ll be charged the VAT rate prevalent in your country of residence.