Frequently Asked Questions

- Where to download PIECE app?

For PIECE iOS, please go to, or search “epiece” on Apple Store to download.

For PIECE Android, please go to, or search "epiece" on Google Play to download.

- How to use PIECE?

1. Insert your micro-sim card, or a nano-sim card with an adaptor into PIECE by following the direction on the back. Please make sure that DO NOT turn on PIECE before you insert sim card. If you use a brand new sim card, please activate the sim card in your primary phone before inserting into PIECE because PIECE cannot activate a new card.

2. Long press the on/off button on PIECE, until you see the green and red light flashing. Open PIECE app, go to setting > search PIECE > connect the respective PIECE.

3. After you hear "Beep" sound from PIECE, it means the device is connected to your phone.

4. Wait until the green light flash every 6 seconds.

5. Now you can call and text.

- How to insert the sim card? 

1. Insert your micro SIM card into PIECE by following the direction written on PIECE.

2. Press the sim card a bit using your finger or nail.

We have posted a PIECE video in the “How to use PIECE 03”. In regarding to how to use PIECE, you can also reference below for the video:

- Piece app wasn't work when contact was allowed in iPhone settings app. So I disallow contact access.

You need to trust and say yes to PIECE contact access, otherwise PIECE app cannot access the contact.

- I tried my Japanese Sim card with PIECE but it does not working.

Currently PIECE support GSM850MHz, EGSM900MHz, DCS1800MHz and PCS1900MHz. In regarding to most common network in Japan - CDMA, PIECE currently does not support it.

- Where is IMEI number?

PIECE is a wireless dual-sim adapter, instead of a cell phone. Hence, PIECE does not have IMEI.

- The app shows "kSimIniting" at the top of the screen and it's stuck at that.

Regarding to the “kSimIniting” issue, please follow the steps below to fix it:

1. Disconnect with PIECE, and turn off Bluetooth in iPhone, then shut down PIECE app background processes. 

2. Long pressure the on/off button to TURN OFF PIECE 

3. Pop the sim card out 

4. Insert the sim card with the correct direction into PIECE again

5. Long pressure the on/off button to TURN ON PIECE again 

6. Turn on Bluetooth in your iPhone 

7. Enter PIECE app setting search PIECE and connect PIECE 

8. After a “Beep” sound from PIECE it means the device is connected. 

9. If the app still shows "kSimIniting", please wait a few more minutes. 

10. If it still does not work, please repeat the process.

- What are the functions in the PIECE "Setting" page?

Technical Issues

- Why my PIECE Android app does not work, showing "No Sim" but it connected in the "Search PIECE" page?

Please take a video to show your connection issue to, we will investigate for your case accordingly.

- Why I cannot send SMS (but I can receive then and phone). The message don't want to go and after I receive a message?

There might be a time delay for sending SMS, due to different network signals, please kindly wait for the message to go with patience.

- When sending SMS, it would be interesting if we can add photos. Is it planned?

Thanks for advice, PIECE currently support text SMS only.

- Is it possible to use a Bluetooth headphone, or in car Bluetooth device with PIECE to have conversation?

Yes. It can, but Bluetooth devices cannot directly connect to PIECE. It is not suggested to use PIECE to connect to other Bluetooth devices, because the sound quality might be affected.

- Can PIECE add Voicemail? 

Currently PIECE does not have any plan in developing Voicemail. 

- Why the "keypad" in the phone menu to call my voice box doesn't work?

The button besides “keypad” is not for voice box, it is for sending SMS only. For using this function, just key in phone number first, then choose the contact that you want to send SMS, then that button will leads you to the “sending SMS” page.

- I cannot manually choose a Network.

PIECE will automatically select the network operator based on the sim card.

- I insert the Nano sim card carrier into the slot, it did get inserted but I can't pop it back out. It’s locked inside.

This issue most frequently due to users inserted an empty sim card carrier into PIECE so that the SIM pin inside will be damaged. Please do not do so as warned in the PIECE package. If your sim card got stuck inside PIECE, please directing your issue, attach relevant photos, to this will help us reply to your requests more quickly.

- The device keeps disconnecting and reconnecting by itself.

This is a normal situation. Due to Bluetooth 4.0 is using on this product, the Bluetooth will disconnect from time to time. As long as it can reconnect automatically within a short period of time.

Logistics Issues

- Why have not received the tracking number of PIECE?

We will ship PIECE by batch to batch. Only for the shipped out PIECE has tracking number. And we will email the tracking number to the backers' emails later. If you still not received the tracking number, probably your order is arranged on the comming batch of shippment.

- Why the tracking number shows "Delivery Unsuccessful", or "Delivered to Destination" but still have not received the PIECE?

If the status is "Delivery Unsuccessful", the package will return to us later and we will inform those backers by emails about the arrangement. If the status is "Delivered to Destination" but still have not received that, the package might take some more times from the delivery partner, please be patient, thanks!

You need help?

When you get The PIECE and have trouble with it, do please contact us at Thank you!


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